Our Services

The NeoDesign team has amassed a wide breadth of experience, that when put together, allows us to offer complete product realization. Whether you are starting from a napkin, or have a fully specified project, we can fill in those gaps and follow the project through building production. We would be happy to discuss your project and what we can do to help.

Product Definition

If your project is not yet fully defined, we can help develop your thoughts into requirements documents ready for engineers.

Mechanical Design

From medical devices, sheet metal, plastic injection parts, unmanned aerial vehicles, 3D printed parts to make the proof of concept usable.

Software and Embedded Firmware

Whether you need application software, embedded software, or a cloud based system, we can create a custom solution.

Electrical Design

Our deep knowledge in electronics extends from simple low cost toys to RF to radiation hardened designs for extreme environments.

FPGA and ASIC Development

Programmable logic gives complex designs a path to become low cost, high volume products.

Turnkey Prototyping

The best value we can provide is a fully working prototype bringing all our talents together. Let us be your engineering department.

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