Full Spectrum Services

clipart_document1-150x150Medical Devices – We’ve designed battery powered wearable medical devices for start-up companies as well as larger biotech companies that don’t have the in-house talent to do so. Typically there are a lot of issues that the start-up had not thought of, and we can help out with thinking through the product functionality, how it will be manufactured, how it will be validated, and creation of test fixtures for the device.

Toys and Drones – Toys have gone high tech, and with quad-copters, multirotors, or drones as the media refers to them as, toys now have a sophisticated array of sensors and powerful hardware and software designs that simply could not happen 10 years ago. Designing a successful toy product is a balance between this sophistication, and manufacturability for low cost China contract manufacturers. We have direct experience dealing with these issues.

Product Definition – This document is what defines the product in every way possible. We can use this to describe mechanical, electrical, software, and other requirements. If your project is not yet fully defined, we can help develop your thoughts into requirements ready for engineers.
Hardware Design – We have collectively over 50 years of design experience ranging from simple circuits, to audio and video products, RF, high-performance FPGA based designs, and optical circuits.
Mechanical Design – Most projects involve some level of mechanical design, whether that is sheet metal chassis design, plastic injection part design, or a 3D printed part just to make the proof of concept usable.
Prototypes – We can prototype circuit designs, as well as mechanical parts, documentation, packaging, and all parts of the finished product.

stEmbedded Software – This is what we call software that runs directly in microcontrollers embedded on the circuit board. We have collective experience on many popular micros from Atmel, NXP, ST Microelectronics, the ARM Cortex family, and in several languages such as Assembly, C and C++.
Application Software – Some products will require a program that runs on top of an operating system, such as Windows/Mac/Linux. We have resources to develop this in addition to installers and documentation.

FPGA and ASIC Development-Our engineering services span the range of products from low-cost handheld devices to video routers and cutting-edge spaceflight hardware. We primarily work on commercial electronics assemblies and can do complete turnkey product development and manufacturing or Altera_DSN_logo_color-300x148targeted consulting. We do not incorporate our own IP into our designs and can therefore maintain the highest degree of flexibility serving our customers.

We are not a broker nor a middle-man. Your project will be conducted by our personnel directly and your needs will be addressed and questions answered immediately by the people performing the work.

xilinxDriver Development –Some products in the home automation industry will require drivers for popular control systems such as Control4, RTI, and others. We have in house experience and equipment to create and test drivers.
Design Verification Testing – This is the most critical step to engineering. This will not only test for flaws in the design that must be changed, but also tests the limits of the product. Some engineers will design based on specs on paper, and claim performance based on specs of the parts. Real engineering is testing it as a final product and proving the performance you are claiming.
Production Test Fixtures – Every product built needs a reliable method to test it to prevent failures from escaping the factory. This doesn’t necessarily need to be complex or expensive, just thought out well. In some case the test fixture does need to be somewhat complex and inject simulated signals and test for the desired response.
Production Test Instructions – These tasks are often never planned, but are absolutely necessary to ensure a quality product from the start.
Final Design Release and Output – The final output for the customer should never be a jumbled mess of files and un-maintainable designs. Our final output includes professional drawings, CAD files, parts lists and vendor source information, everything that your manufacturer needs to build the product exactly the same as it was designed.
Product Photography – Anyone can snap some pictures with a camera phone and call it good, but having the right photography equipment and knowledge how to use it will always produce far superior results, and make your product image stand out.
Literature and Print Ad Design – Customers may get their first impression of your entire company and product by an Ad or brochure. Many company’s blow this opportunity by not taking their creative work seriously. Understanding the customer and understanding the product is key for this task.

amazonec2Web Based Applications – Some projects require a custom web based application and database. We’ve developed applications for internal and external customers such as customer management; employee timecards, material management, and can extend those solutions to include digital signage in work areas. We’ve also completed recent projects using Amazon’s Elastic Cloud Computing platform EC2.
eCommerce Solutions – Part of the Neothings team also include web development wordpressand ecommerce systems. We’ve developed sites for others that can take orders on the web and deposit money into your account, leaving you to simply fill the order.
Marketing Ideas – Sometimes you just need some fresh ideas on how to get the word out. We understand traditional marketing methods, as well as guerilla and viral marketing, and can use modern tools such as web analytics and search engine optimization to improve the results.